Hello, I am a proud U.S. military veteran living here in South Korea.  If you have never visited South Korea before, then let me tell you, there are a lot of nice places to see.  There are also a lot of places to shop.  This store has very affordable artwork that you can hang on your wall.  You are almost guaranteed that nobody in your neighborhood will have anything like this.  It is all authentic, handmade Korean hanji artwork.

     Hanji or Korean paper is the name of a traditional paper art form originating from South Korea.  It is an integral part of Korean traditional culture.  The paper itself is made from the bark of mulberry trees.  In the past, hanji was used in the recording of important documents.  Because of its fine texture and smooth surface, brush strokes of ink appear deep and elegant.  The paper is very difficult to tear unless it is torn along the grain.  Many items can be made from hanji such as handcuffs, ropes, and coverings on doors, windows, and floors.  Some of the most beautiful artwork is made out of hanji.

     Take a look at the many different choices that there are to choose from.  With prices on this unique, hand-made artwork so low and free shipping from South Korea to your doorstep, how can you not purchase one or more of these excellent selections?

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